Potent ammunition in our fight to conserve and protect.
thanks to you
  • Today, there are 36 million whitetail deer versus an estimated 500,000 in 1900.
  • Hunters have preserved more than 11 million acres of waterfowl habitat nationwide.
  • The current wild turkey population is 5.6 million. In 1952, it was 100,000.
  • There are now 12 times more Rocky Mountain elk than there were in 1907.
  • Pronghorn antelope are 1,000,000 strong today. There were only 12,000 of them 50 years ago.
top 5 things you should know
As an American sportsman you should not only know these five things—it’s your duty to spread the word.
  • 1More than 10 percent of every firearm and ammunition purchase goes to directly fund wildlife and habitat restoration.
  • 2Through license fees and excise taxes, sportsmen contribute 4.7 million dollars per day that goes to conservation efforts.
  • 3Hunters and anglers have contributed 8 billion dollars, through fees and taxes, to preserve our wildlife and environment.
  • 4Conservation efforts funded by hunters’ purchases have helped save more than 38 million acres of America’s habitat.
  • 5Since 1937, 3.7 million acres have been purchased and turned into wildlife management areas.

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